~ Victorian Crochet Sunflowers ~
These 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" crochet Sunflowers
are crocheted in cotton threads
of shaded yellows, brown and hunter green
w Swarovski Crystal Center.
~ Legend or Lore ~

According to old indian legend, within sunflowers there are encoded all
experiences of the universe from the beginning of time.

According to this myth, the flower is a godly plant
made by the Gods themselves.

It came to the Earth very long ago, and found people here who were
not able to understand many rules of the universe, not to mention
complicated things like intervals of time and space.

They wanted experience, with the mission and the message that our planet
was visited at one time, and they wanted to register it somewhere.

They guessed that it would take 20 to 30 thousand years until mankind
reached the level where such rules and phenomena could be understood.

They considered the fact that wood rotting on a rock records erosion, so in their universal labratory they created an artificial flower, and it was the sunflower.

Into this plant they encoded all knowledge of the universe and the mentioned purpose of their visit.

Each sunflower, if we look at it closely, has spirals turning both to the left and to the right. All galaxies in the universe have exactly the same kind of spirals.

No less interesting is the fact that the spiral as a symbol appears in the oldest drawings and writings, let`s just think of the Egyptians and
even older written evidence - of the Sumerians.

The spiral represents the basis of life.
Why else would it be so widespread?

On the sunflower, each seed carries within it one piece of information,
each has its own bar code.

Meanwhile, only over the past twenty years have we even discovered
what a bar code is.

It is also interesting to look at the seed, and see that no
two are alike.

The flower of the sunflower along with its seeds in a closed circle,
looks like the sun as it follows the sun across the sky.

The seeds have supposedly already been given to computer
experts for study, and the Indians believe our viewpoint of the beginning and the evolution of the universe will change thanks to the flowers.
~ Great Gifts & PartyFavors or
Package & Window Decorations ~
for any Christmas, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary,
Birthday, Baby, Nursery, Baptism, Christening,
Rememberance, Confirmation, Communion,
Retirement, Congratulations, Graduation, Mourning,
Sympathy, Get Well, Hospital, Nursing Home,
House Warming, New Home, Welcome Home, Home Coming,
Thank You, Thinking of You, Hospitality, Just Because, I Love You,
Good Bye, Good Luck, Best Wishes, Fairwell, Bon Voyage,
Work, Office, Boss, Secretary, Co-Worker, Assistant, Associate,
Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer, Teacher,  Maid, Mailman, Coach,
Best Friend, Secret Pal, Secret Sister, Secret Santa,
Brides Maid, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, Pastor, Reverend,
Sweetheart, Sweet Sixteen, Wife, Daughter, Sister,
Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Step-, In-Laws, Grandmother, Godmother,
Nature Lover, Thanksgiving, New Year's,
or Mother's Day presents.
~ Beautiful CAKE Decoration/s ~
Use protection underneath or discard after use.
~ Easy Care ~
These Ornaments have been treated with an Acrylic Spray
to repel dust and dirt.

Simply use a soft brush to clean or ~

Display under glass for lasting beauty.
~ Heirloom Quality ~
As these Handcrafted Items are Made-to-Order, please allow

1 week PER ITEM for delivery.

If this is a RUSH ORDER, PLEASE give DUE DATE.
~ Shipped via Confirmed Priority Mail ~

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ORNAMENT ~ Sunflower
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